Tucked in a small storefront on the plaza of the beautiful Hearst Tower in Charlotte's Center City, Sozo Gallery brings fresh, original artwork from local and national artists to Charlotte collectors.

Sozo’s focus is to support and promote a variety of artists and works -- blending classic with modern, emerging with established, and displaying abstract landscapes alongside contemporary canvases. We want our clients to discover a connection-- souls to be stirred up a bit, and evoke some conversations. We cater to both experienced art buyers and those starting their collections. We look forward introducing our Uptown visitors to high quality, affordable, and collectible pieces of fine art. We will exhibit the work of one featured artist every 6-8 weeks, as well as a regular display of other gallery artists. 

We love it when we see our clients' eyes squint a bit with a tilt of the head, and then--the 1/2 smile, the eyes open a bit wider, the melting of the heart--that connection. 

Hannah Blanton, Director

Hannah Blanton, owner and director, has been inspired by working with artists from North and South Carolina in chairing the Carolina Art Soiree, an annual fundraiser that has exhibited the work of over 50 regional artists and raised over $100,000 for GBS/CIDP Foundation International. 

In addition her appreciation of art, Hannah is a yoga instructor teaching children in hospitals and other studios throughout Charlotte. In 2003, Hannah was paralyzed from her chest down from a rare illness, Guillain-Barre Syndrome. After her recovery, she consciously became more open to opportunities and embracing them with gratitude and understanding firsthand that 'life is too short'. Yoga and art have both been medically proven to soothe the soul and help assist with healing. She believes in art's transformative effects and in the philosophies of performance, creativity, and meditation.

Hannah's warm and welcoming personality will make you feel right at home in her gallery. Furthermore, if you need to call on her for assistance in choosing the perfect painting for your collection, she will confidently guide you to make the best choice, financially and aesthetically. 

Gracie Lathrop, Gallery Coordinator 

Gracie Lathrop, Sozo’s gallery coordinator, graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She used the education and zeal cultivated in the arts program as a launching point for her career in the art world.  After graduating, Gracie and her husband moved to a large ranch in York, SC where her love for creating developed into a small business.  Gracie owns a pop up shoppe featuring artisans and artists from across the Carolinas.  Gracie’s online boutique and seasonal pop up shoppe have become a place of inspiration in her own work and have enabled her to celebrate art as more than a job, but as a passion. 

Gracie’s passion to share art with the community, her impressive knowledge about artistic style and technique, and her warm demeanor will continue to make Sozo a welcoming gallery for visitors and local Charlotteans.

SOZO: (sode'-zo)

Greekto be healed by God, to make well, to keep safe, to save 
Japaneseto create, to imagine


Monday 11 am - 5 pm      

Tuesday 11 am - 5 pm 

Wednesday  11 am - 5pm 

Thursday 11 am - 5 pm 

Friday 11 am - 4 pm 


Nov. 23rd Closing 4pm

November 24th & 25th